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Asian Garden Decorating

Image courtesy: Chicago Home+Garden: Designer Matt Lorenz Designs an Elegant, Family-friendly Home in Lake View

Just when you thought that a tranquil space within your city home is hard to achieve, this Matt Lorenz Design side yard as featured on Chicago Home+Garden Magazine sends a moving inspiration that an outdoor space where you can be one with nature and where you can savor the feeling of being in an Asian garden in the West is at all possible.

With this brilliant garden masterpiece's brimming beauty, recreating it, somehow, seems to be a DIY challenge, but these Asian home decor and Asian garden decorations tell us that we can give it a shot:

L-R: Wisteria Chinese Garden Stool, $129; Waterproof Shoji Screen,

L-R: Keter Corfu Patio Love Seat, $128.24;: Sears; 7-Tier Bamboo Pyramids, $60.00:

Giving your outdoor space an Asian twist is also quick and easy with these Asian garden decor and design ideas on how to use them for your Asian outdoor decorating:

Pagoda Candle Holder.

Asian Garden with a pagoda candle lantern-lit Chinese bridge from The Style & Design of Dean Yoder.
To try: Yukiwa Pagoda Candle Lantern, $176.00:

Asian Pagodas are, typically, the place to find the most beautiful Asian gardens, and they rise across Asia, inevitably turning simple outdoor spaces from simple to picturesque. You can bring the idea of a garden made grand by an Asian pagoda to your home by decorating a pagoda candle holder. They are usually able to withstand both the heat and cold of summer and winter and can work as a garden accent or as a walkway light.

Zen Garden.

Image courtesy: Garden Mentors on To try: Petite Zen Garden, $6.00:

Give your outdoor space a touch of zen, or a view that transmits a feeling of tranquility at any time of the day, by reserving a space for it for a sand-and-stone zen garden. To make: Fill a garden space with white sand or pebbles, rake it to make wave-like patterns, and arrange the stones on it neatly. You can also opt for tabletop zen gardens and make it a habit each day by drawing your thoughts on your tabletop Japanese zen garden.

Asian-Style Garden Bird Feeder

Left: Hanging Pagoda Bird Feeder, $17.50:
Right: Avant Garden Cupola Wild Bird Feeder, $6.00: Sears

Delight the cheerful, chirping birds that visit your garden with Asian-style bird feeders that can be hung like a tiny home from the branch of a tree or sit at your garden like a mini fountain. Asian bird feeders are typically made of wood, so right to give your tiny visitors a cool, temporary shelter during the warm summer months and frequently stylish enough to grace your yard with colors and style.

Candle Lanterns.

Left: Emperor's Teardrop Candle Lantern, $21.50:
Right: Black Scrollwork Moroccan Candle Lantern, $8.00:

Achieve the nostalgic nature of the Asian gardens at night by illuminating the walkways, garden tables, and dark corners with the golden, soft, and warm glow of candle lights. Asian candle lanterns are typically designed with glass walls or carved metal panels so your candle's flame is protected from being extinguished by the outdoor breeze, plus they make for a decorative Asian garden decor during the day.

Chinese Lanterns.

Fuchsia paper lanterns set the mood for a colorful evening by the poolside. Party Lanterns

Give your outdoor space a soft and warm glow of light at night with the help of Chinese lanterns or Chinese paper lanterns. They come in a great variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, and materials, like nylon, which withstand the outdoor weather.

Water Fountain.

Left: Zen garden with Fountain and Buddha Statue Building a House: Front Patio Ideas
Right: Hand of Buddha Fountain, $50.00:

According to a Chinese folk tale, having a water fountain on the East of the house helps to keep the family healthy, it invites prosperity when placed on the southeast, and fosters a successful career when placed on the north. Water fountains do not only make for a beautiful addition to every indoor or outdoor garden, the sound of flowing water specially amps up its relaxing ambiance.

Final Tip:

Reward yourself with an outdoor space that is ready to nestle you at the end of the day or during the weekends with the relaxing touch of nature. Remember: Simplicity is key and arrange your Asian garden accessories in such a way that allows the positive flow of chi.

Asian garden inspiration from Atlanta Water Gardens.

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