Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Wash a Japanese Yukata

Japanese Yukata, also known as the "casual kimono" is a highly versatile traditional Japanese clothing. It is distinguished for its light fabric and casual design, and while renowned as a summer robe, it can actually be worn at different times of the year as a bath robe, summer robe, travel robe, or a summer kimono on your trip to Japan.

One of the ways to keep your Japanese yukata looking clean and good as new is by washing it properly, and Kimonoholic Tina helps us on this with the following tips:

1. Fold the yukata.

How to Fold the Japanese Yukata from KimonoYukataMarket.com

2. Lay the yukata flat on a big basin or bathtub and fill with water until it is submerged. According to the directions it's unneccesary to add detergent, but I put just a little in for good measure Let sit for 30 min and the dirty stuff is supposed to float out of the fabric.

3. Press on the yukata a few times to make the water move through. Drain and replace the water. Repeat 2 or 3 times to rinse.

4. Take the damp yukata, still in folded state and lay flat on a big bathtowel. Wrap the yukata in the bathtowel and step on it to wring the water out without making wrinkles.

5. Hang your yukata on a kimono hanger or a pole (like a broomstick that can be unscrewed) that can reach from the end of one sleeve to the other so that the yukata can hang straight to dry.

After it's dry, fold it back up and store.

If you have stains on your yukata, spot wash the stains before washing the yukata. To do this: Get two (2) washcloths. Put one under the stain. Wet the other and wring it till it's hard and almost dry and pat the stain with the damp washcloth. The stain should come off the other side onto the dry washcloth.

Where to Buy Japanese Yukata?

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