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How to Shop Silk Kimono Robes

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The mix of art, luxurious comfort, and Asian style clearly makes for the silk kimono robes' East-meets-West aesthetic, and whether you love them as resort wear, bridal robe, or bridesmaids' robe due to their statement-making designs and fluid, silken fabrics; as lounge wear because they are so comfortable plus easy to wear and wash; as travel robe because they are so lightweight and suited for all seasons and climates; or, as Asian gifts because they suit all lifestyle, silk kimono robes are definitely at the core of every modern woman's wardrobe as an everyday essential or a style staple.

When Shopping Vintage Kimono Robes

There's a treasure trove of kimono robes that are waiting to be mined from vintage shops and dead stocks of kimono manufacturers in Japan, like Gallery Kawano, and select Asian stores worldwide and what's best about these vintage kimonos is that most of them are worked with a beautiful and durable craftsmanship using fine silk, thus the thick, vivid color, and luxuriously soft and shiny characteristics of their fabric.

Gallery Kawano in Tokyo, Japan's great selection of Japanese kimono robes.
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Ensure, however, that the kimono robe still looks presentable and to check for rips and stains that are difficult to remove or which you can easily repair or cover, like with the help of appliques.

When Shopping a New Silk Robe

Hunt for kimono robes that are made of pure silk, or which mimic the look and feel of fine silk, and if you like, enjoy a style-steal to the normally expensive Japanese kimonos of today by choosing those with floral designs that are rendered like the most elegant Furisodes or Tomisodes, or embrace Chinoiserie by opting for silk robes that feature a beautiful embroidery of the Chinese dragon, auspicious Asian flowers, and other Asian motifs, which equally make them timeless pieces and perfect as an Asian souvenir or an heirloom clothing.

KimonoRobeStore.com's selection of Japanese kimonos and silk robes

Get a Kimono Robe at the Right Size

Take advantage of the various sizes available for modern kimono robes and to get a vintage silk robe at the right size or in a size that can be easily altered, especially if their hemlines reach to the floor or if they come only as one-of-a-kind, in order to avoid the problem of compromising the original beauty and balance of its design and overall structure.

A nice-fitting silk robe should be able to wrap the body comfortably while creating a beautiful V-style overlap for its collar and its sash able to be cinched around the waist while keeping the long and vertical stitches on the left and right sides of the robe straight.

Slip into a silk kimono robe at the start or end of a long day, make it on the top list of your bridal clothing and travel essentials, and enjoy the luxury of comfort and Western-meets-Asian style that it lends.


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