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Types of Japanese Kimono for Kids

Japanese Kimono. Originally, the term kimono translates to "clothing", but now, it refers to the silk, straight-cut, ankle-length, wrap-around style garment that is tied at the waist with a thick sash, or obi belt. It is typically worn over at least one (1) inner garment, called the nagajuban, and features long and wide sleeves, which distinguishes it from other kimono-style clothing.


Japanese Yukata. This traditional Japanese clothing is worn like the Japanese kimono, but it lacks the lining of the latter, which makes for its casual design and the kimono of choice in Japan during the warm summer months. In many kids' kimono section, you can find a great variety of yukata-style Japanese kimono, which is not only an ideal choice for kids who are sensitive to heat, it also makes easy for dressing up babies and infants in kimono.

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Jinbei. This is the traditional Japanese clothing that consists of a top and matching shorts. It is typically worn as a nightwear or housewear, or as a substitute to the yukata during the summer festival.


Hakama. This refers to the wide-legged, pleated trousers that are tied twice around the waist with a long waistband and paired with a short kimono, called Hakamashita. During the colder months, the hakama is completed with a montsuki haori (or long jacket) with a white haori-himo, or haori fastener at the front.

Hakama for Boys: The Hakama is one of the most important Japanese traditional clothing for boys and can be worn on both casual and special occasions, like Shichigosan, graduation, and weddings. While they can be made from plain or printed fabric, a striped hakama is traditionally considered as the formal hakama.

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Hakama for Girls: While not as widely used as the Japanese kimono, hakama for girls are typically matched with a very colorful kimono top with long, flowing sleeves, like of a furisode.


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